Scale Design is new and small. Right now it’s just Sarah Clearwater, Suzi Davison, and Curtis Bigelow with moral support from our canine office support: Max.

Curtis Bigelow

He’s a Washington native with a passion for Architecture and shaping the city. Scale Design’s mission revolves around enhancing life for clients, residents, and communities through thoughtful design in architecture, planning, and interiors. Curtis graduated from Washington State University and has a background in Historic Rehabilitation, Residential Infill, and Single Family projects. Beyond architecture, he and his partner opened and ran a successful cocktail bar on Capitol Hill during the Great Recession.  Curtis served on the East Design Review Board for four years and can occasionally be seen filling in or commenting on projects.  Constant upkeep on his old house and yard keeps him busy when he’s not working, but he likes to relax with a beer (or two) and play cards.

Curtis Fun Fact: Curtis taught Ballroom Dance in college.

Sarah Clearwater

Sarah is also a Washington State graduate and is also from Washington, though she grew up in the big city, Seattle.   Now, she makes her home in Longview, but she is often in Seattle visiting family and friends as well as checking in on our projects. Not only is Sarah LEED certified, but she is currently (very slowly) studying for her AREs.  She enjoys puzzling through the Seattle codes and is excited to continue to be a part of a growing city that keeps its environmental impact in mind.  Her passion inside of architecture is designing energy conscious multi-family spaces that are designed efficiently to focus on how people actually use each unique space in a home.   Outside of architecture she keeps herself busy with music, pottery, and endless house projects.

Sarah Fun Fact: She took piano and music theory l

Suzi Davison

We’ve broken a trend: a UW grad, from Seattle. Suzi is taking remote working to heart: she’s following her dream to live near her beloved outdoors, where she can step out of her front door and be just a hop, skip, and a jump from the wilderness in Bend, Oregon.  Of course, she can’t always be hiking the trails and finds herself cooking her way through cookbooks or capturing the wild with watercolors.  Seattle is still full of family and we expect to see her for the Apple Cup and to see her friends and family.  Suzi is Passive House Certified and reminds us that Mother Earth is watching.

Suzi Fun Fact: Suzi can balance ANYTHING on her head – yes, we will be testing this statement at every possible moment.

Max the Dog

Max is a rat terrior who makes sure nobody sits at a desk too long.  Treats will win his heart, but he spends most of his time sleeping in the sunshine.  Max alerts us to the daily arrival of his arch enemy: the mail carrier.

Fun Fact: Max has no fear of jumping out of second story windows to join us when we leave. Yes, he has sprained an ankle or two. It doesn’t stop him.



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