Curtis Bigelow


Curtis is a Washington native with a passion for Architecture and shaping the region. He graduated from Washington State University, and has a background in historic rehabilitation, residential infill, and single family projects. Curtis served on the East Design Review Board for four years, and can occasionally be seen filling in or commenting on projects. Upkeep on his old house and yard keeps Curtis busy in his off hours, but he also enjoys playing cards and having a beer with friends.

Fun Facts: Curtis is fluent in Danish and once taught ballroom dance classes!

Sarah Clearwater


Sarah is also a Washington State graduate from Washington State, though she grew up in the big city of Seattle. She currently makes her home in Longview, but is often up north to check in on projects and visit family and friends. Not only is Sarah LEED certified, she is also studying for her AREs. She enjoys deciphering our local building codes, and is excited to be a part of a growing region that is mindful of environmental impact. Her architectural passion is designing energy conscious multi-family spaces that focus on how people actually use each unique space. Outside of architecture, she keeps herself busy with music, pottery, and endless house projects.

Fun Fact: Sarah studied piano and music theory in school!

Suzi Davison


Suzi is our lone University of Washington grad, born and raised in Seattle. She takes remote working to heart by following her dream to live near her beloved outdoors in Bend Oregon. Suzi is Passive House Certified, and reminds us through her design work that Mother Earth is watching. With work, family and friends in Seattle, she is a frequent visitor to our office and project sites. As she can’t always be hiking the trails, Suzi also finds herself cooking her way through cookbooks and capturing the wild with watercolors.

Fun Fact: Suzi can balance ANYTHING on her head (this claim is still being verified)