Scale Design | Delridge Way Townhouses
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Multifamily Residential
About This Project

Project Type: Townhomes (7 Units)

Neighborhood:  West Seattle, Seattle, WA

GSF:  7,504 SF

Completion:  2019

What we love about this project:

  • You get a view!  And YOU get a view!:  Due to the significant slope along this project, we decided to step most of the units to respond to the natural grade.  This gives us a 3’step between almost all of the rooftop decks, which means that almost every unit gets its own uninterrupted view!
  • Natural Curves:  Also due to the natural curves of the site, each unit has a nice private entry space that breaks up the feeling of one long building.
  • Up! Up! Up!:  We’ve worked a ladder window scheme into each unit above the entries (as well as the stairways) to maximize light and add a wayfinding element to the site.  Each ladder window is complimented with cedar siding in between windows and ends with a canopy above the entry door.