Early Community Outreach

City Homes Woodlawn

ADDRESS: 3835 Woodlawn Avenue N

PROJECT TYPE:  Townhouse

NEIGHBORHOOD:  Wallingford


SITE SIZE: 9,120sf

PARKING:  Required

PARCEL NUMBER: 408330-3920

Thank you for your interest in this proposed project.  Early Community Outreach is to ensure that applicants provide early notification to the local community that a project is being planned as well as an opportunity for the local community to engage in a dialogue with the applicant about the project.  The intent of Early Community Outreach is to be inclusive of interested parties to allow for a diversity of neighborhood perspective to be heard.  After the information is gathered, documentation shall be provided to Department of Neighborhood staff to be available for SDCI staff during the review process.  Additional information concerning Early Community Outreach and Streamlined Design Review can be found on the City of Seattle’s SDCI Website.

This project is subject to Streamlined Design Review.  Early Community Outreach is a required step in this process which typically includes an in-person community interaction component.  This project will satisfy the in-person component via online survey (below) as recently allowed by city council (CB 119769).





DEMOLITION: Demolish existing wood frame single family residence and select site improvements.

ANTICIPTED DEVELOPMENT: The current scope of the project includes the construction of eight townhouse units with associated site improvements.  Parking for eight vehicles is anticipated be be accessed off the Carr Place.  Units are likely to be two and three bedroom, three story units, many with roof decks.  A common amenity area is anticipated to be located near the street while solid waste storage and other service areas will be located on the interior of the site.





Additional Information can be found on Seattle Services Portal
SDCI Project Number: 3039129-LU

NOTE: Information collected is subject to City of Seattle Public Disclosure Laws and Washington Public Records Act and may be subject to disclosure to a third-party requestor.

Further comments may be provided through Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections during the Streamlined Review period.

Thank you for your interest in this project.  The Early Community Outreach component for this project is now active.

Additional comments may be provided through Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections during the Streamlined Review period.